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WINTERMOON -Old Spirit Of Polar Night- DIGI-CD

  • WINTERMOON -Old Spirit Of Polar Night- DIGI-CD

WINTERMOON is a Finnish band formed by members of IMPALED NAZARENE and BARATHRUM.
"Old Spirit Of Polar Night" is a compilation of 4 old re-recorded songs (from 1995 demos and split with Wanderer) 1 unreleased track and the 3 songs of the "Herää Henkiin Vanhat Juuret" Ep.
This masterpiece represents the manifesto of the best of the entire Finnish scene.
8 tracks of Nordic Black Metal really impressive, melodic, dark, full of deep feelings and catchy atmospheres.

Limited edition of 500 copies in 6 panels Digipak with spot gloss UV logos.

Shipments will be made by international priority mail.
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